Chemical Sensing and Drug Delivery

Dec. 2021: We receive an industrial grant to develop a chemical sensor for in vitro diagnostics. 
Dec. 2021: Congratulations to Brock Brady, Wuwei Li, and Nasrin Ghanbari Ghalehjoughi for passing their candidacy exams. They are now PhD candidates!
Nov. 2021: Our paper on the stability of S-nitrosothiol solutions is accepted in Nitric Oxide. We found that the buffer concentration has a dramatic and complicated effect on the decay kinetics of S-nitrosothiols. Congratulations to Wuwei and collaborators!
Oct. 2021: We receive an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (ACS-IRG). This internal grant will support us to develop nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Sep. 2021: Our paper on ion sensing in droplet microfluidics is accepted in Analytical Chemistry. We used laser-induced fluorescence to detect electrolytes in << 1 microliter of undiluted whole blood. Congratulations to Renjie and the team!

Sep. 2021: Our paper on 3D-printed nitric oxide-releasing polymer devices is accepted in ACS Applied Bio Materials. We fabricated a drug-loaded silicone tube with a drug-free coating in one printing step. Congratulations to Wuwei and collaborators!

Sep. 2021: Our paper on fabric-based optical sensors is accepted in Analyst. We printed pH and electrolyte sensors on Nike Dri-FIT clothing. Congratulations to Brock and the team!

May 2021: Our undergraduate student, Yazan Mawaldi, receives the Altria Undergraduate Summer Fellowship. Congratulations!

Jan. 2021: Welcome our new graduate student: Nafeisha Adili.

Nov. 2020: Our invited review on ion sensing in microfluidics is accepted in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. Congratulations to Renjie!

Mar. 2020: We receive a research grant from the Orphan Disease Center. We will work on low-cost chemical sensors for disease management.

Feb. 2020: Dr. Renjie Wang joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow.

Dec. 2019: Welcome our graduate students: Wuwei Li, Brock Brady, and Nasrin Ghanbari Ghalehjoughi.

Aug. 2019: Our first extramural research grant is awarded by JDRF. We will develop a nitric oxide release strategy to improve the performance of implantable cannulas and sensors.


Aug. 2019: Dr. Xuewei Wang starts his research group at VCU.