1. Chemical Sensors and Microfluidics for Medical Diagnostics


A major research focus of the Wang group is the development of portable, wearable, implantable, and microfluidic chemical sensors for health monitoring and disease diagnosis outside of hospital settings. Current efforts include the design of ionophore-based ion-selective electrodes/optodes, molecular probe-based colorimetric bacteria sensors, enzyme-based continuous glucose monitors, and fluorescent chemical sensing platforms in droplet microfluidics.



2. Biocompatible Medical Implants Based on the Release of Nitric Oxide


Nitric oxide is a natural molecule with potent anti-thrombotic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, and pro-angiogenic properties. We are developing various nitric oxide release/generation strategies to reduce foreign body reactions to biomedical implants like sensors, catheters, and cannulas. Of particular interest are nitric oxide-releasing insulin infusion cannulas used for prolonged subcutaneous insulin delivery and nitric oxide-releasing catheters used to prevent urinary tract infections.